ACTIVE!!! Following Me: A Kickstarter Project

Who Am I?

What does it mean to be ‘Faballistic’? Combining my clever story telling through rhyme schemes and lacing it with a highly energetic flow? That was my answer for the longest time since being asked about my name. Then, as I went on performing in Las Vegas, NV and in North Hollywood, CA…I realized that my definition is richer; deeper. NOTE: If you’re reading this while my video is playing, I suggest you scroll back up so you don’t miss the best parts!🙂

Hip Hop music, and maybe even its culture, has seemed to deviate from the destination where I personally had hoped it would ultimately venture into. It has lost its wisdom and its soul but its core is still hanging in there; its heart still beats. The power of having a poetic voice, telling the people what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear, still exists in this genre of music…and that is where I personally dream to prosper. My music will have the substance that’s reminiscent of the conscious lyricism that previously dominated Hip Hop.

This Kickstarter is NOT to carry me through-out my Hip Hop career, but to get my feet wet. I’ve been writing for over a decade, released my debut mixtape almost a year ago and have only begun to discover my potential as a Hip Hop lyricist. I turn to you…real people, and not money-hungry corporate vultures gliding above me waiting to feast upon my desperation, to help me get started as an independent artist. My goal is to record, mix, master, and distribute my follow up mixtape (Follow My Lead) while also running my own video-based promotional campaign for it. I have all the songs written and have created the album art myself.

In this new digital age of music, the standards aren’t as simple as handing over a cassette tape with your soundtrack scribbled onto its white label to a record label executive; too many have come to set the bar higher than that. Starving artists like myself need to show we can gather a large following/fan-base through our music tracks and music videos; so that we can prove we are marketable. I will require funds to help pay for my time in the studio which will also be handling the mixing and mastering process of all 11 recorded songs. Once finished, your help in funding will also go towards the labeling of the discs, the disc cases, and the means to distribute them to the right hands; which may also possibly require shipping. Next, your help in funding will allow me to afford video shoots for promoting this mixtape on a global scale. Of course, a larger part of this campaign is for your rewards I pledge to stay committed to seeing fulfilled (the shipping costs for the Faballistic shirts’ production and ink printing, poster printing, shipping and handling, etc).

Be sure to click that UPDATE tab (on my project’s page at on the top of the page regularly for exclusive rewards I will announce if I hit 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and over of my set goal. I was raised by a single mother who taught me that anything that requires hard work is worth achieving. I personally have a philosophy that, those who work together can achieve anything. This is our project now, and it’s not only to fund this mixtape, not only to promote this actual Kickstarter campaign, but also to resurrect the essence of Hip Hop that still lives silently within today’s music. I am Faballistic…let’s get it!

About Faballistic

Lyrical Phenom, Hip Hop Emissary. Currently residing in San Bernardino, CA, I was raised in Aurora, IL for a majority of my life. Writing poetry since my early childhood, I fell in love with Hip Hop mostly around the time Eminem played on the radio. Since then, I've been developing my own unique style of lyricism revolving around my rocky lifestyle and stories of my hardship. I also produce gripping Hip Hop instrumentals that score the overall themes in my songs; bringing more depth into my messages. Music is more than a passion…it is more than just a talent; it’s a way of life to me. For the some artists, it may just be a way to make a living but I believe it’s the way to live. Believe in and follow me; welcome to my story. Best Regards, Faballistic
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