The Risks…

To me, the risks taste sweeter than the rewards.

6-3-2013, when asked about fears and doubts.

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Stoicism…the endurance of pain & hardship without a display of feelings & without complaint. So what does it mean to me & why THAT as an album? How personal does this newest art piece really go & what am I trying to accomplish with it?

Back in 2013, I became obsessed with the word stoicism & its definition to the point where I felt as though it expressed my story better than I could with my music. In a literal sense, it’s who I am & who I have always been as a young adult. In fact, the way people closest to me actually get to hear me dig into my repressions is usually through my deeper, more conscious tracks; though I’d usually have to break down the lyrics & explain their meaning further. I feel as though the songs within this new album, are more detailed & dig even deeper than my previously released material, which will give people a better understanding of who I am & what I’m about.

Every song title, save for the tracks ‘Definition’ & ‘Stoicism’, is a word from the definition of stoicism, which was the challenge I created for myself as an artist. However, I wanted every track on this album to sound different from one another, while still being relative to one another, & without deviating from the overall picture I had for this project. That overall picture, wasn’t to define stoicism, but to define Faballistic using those exact same words used to define it! So every song correlating to its own title in different ways, is really bridging together my life (thus far) & its parallel, stoicism, while interpreting how I define or identify each song, that defines and identifies me.

This isn’t a club banger, me acting like a gang banger, nor is it about my materialstic possessions, in fact, this is the opposite of all that; this is from a different path. This is the after party conversation… of how a young, independent solo artist, whose only prized possession is his talent & optimism, pushes through life still inflicted by a past tragedy caused by gang violence, with the only thing keeping his momentum strong, is his hope that a better life will result from his harsh journey. ‘Stoicism‘ wasn’t designed to make me famous, or to position myself underneath your spotlight, this album was to expose who I am when the spotlight is out…challenging you to listen more closely than you’re used to.

Stay With Me,
Faballistic One

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Stoicism will be available for download February 29th, 2016 via & can be streamed via &

Stoicism is the third album from Faballistic & features musical artists such as Angelie Nicole, Kimmi Wolf & more with production credited to Tory Law, DeAndre Freeman & Faballistic himself; mixed & mastered by Music Assets LLC.


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Before You Say Anything

I have a question to ask you…
Why didn’t Thor just attach a rope onto his hammer, tie it into a lasso and then wrap it around Ultron’s neck? Ultron wouldn’t have been able to get up since the hammer can only be lifted by those it deems worthy right? Think about it, the Avengers could’ve then proceeded to just stomp Ultron down to nuts and bolts.

Okay, I’m Ready to Talk for Real Now.
I first want to apologize for my absence all Spring & Summer long. My efforts spent on creating my latest & greatest really exhausted my creative mind. I’ve been traveling back and forth between Illinois and here in California. Times have most certainly changed, my friends but then so have I.


I think since my last post, I’ve only written 4 songs. I guess you could say, I had to stop overwriting myself into insanity because it’s tough having to catch up with myself. What does that mean and what am I talking about? I’ve had a 22 track album written, produced and ready for me to record to since this very day LAST YEAR.

My latest & greatest is only 10 tracks, mind you, but I’ve been developing that since 2014. Not to mention the features I’ve had to write for myself and two others since building my own home studio early, last December. It’s great to be close to having my latest work mixed, mastered and prepped for a September release.

Well anyway, I’m back and I’m feeling more powerful than ever. I guess you can say, life struck me down with its red lightsaber earlier this year but I’ve pulled a page from Obi Wan’s book and meditated…becoming somewhat of a mentor and guide to talented youngsters…and also a powerful force. Don’t be a stranger, hit my line if you want to give me something to write about or simply wish to welcome me back.

Not you mom…you can just make me a Nunbad card. Hahaha

Stay With Me,

PS I watched Age of Ultron today for the 3rd time. So that would uh, explain that randomness earlier.

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“Welcome Back” or “540 Words Too Long”

Hello loyal readers (if any)

I apologize for sounding a little negative but come on, let’s be real here, I doubt anybody but a few people are even reading this…or any of my blogs for that matter. Now, it’s NOT anybody’s fault but my own hut I guess the obvious, painful truth is that I’m just not interesting enough to gather a following; again, that’s MY fault. Welcome back!

So how do I proceed in entertaining and enlightening an invisible audience of readers & music fans alike? For those who read my blog from a few a months back, I promised I’d be more consistent in posting blogs than ever before. Now, if you’ve even noticed, I gave up on that because nobody gives a flying f**k about my consistency.

So why am I here and why do I even bother writing THIS post? Well I figured I’d just sum up what I’ve been up to and disappear again. Pretty much, I’ve built my own home studio from the ground up with my own earnings/savings & released ONE single so far. Now, the single I released was not only produced, recorded & mixed here in my studio by myself but also a direct line into where my life is headed and what my head is wrapped around.

You want to check it out? Be my guest.

Tomorrow I’ll be purchasing my licenses for writing and publishing; in other words, I’ll have my own label to call my own and have all of my work copy-written legitimately. This is a pretty big step into leaving my mark on the world; every legend starts somewhere right? Okay, I’m not legendary just yet but that’s my life’s goal: to be remembered & inspire others far after my death. I’ve gotten off to a rocky start but the climb is still a ways to go. Did I mention I’m working on another LP? Oops! Make sure you remember that okay? Thanks!

The teammates I mentioned in a previous post have all but went their own way. I’m not sure if this is my fault or maybe life hit them harder than they had expected but hey, we live and we learn right? I guess I could say that I’m back to square one as far as team members go. Luckily I still have one person in my corner! (No, not my mom haha even though she’s the like, the only person ever commenting on anything) I’ve had people pledge interest but not deliver on aiding me in my campaign. Maybe that’s NOT my fault… but then again, who really knows right?

Okay, now that I’m done with getting all of this off of my chest, I guess this is good-bye again. Don’t worry about liking, commenting and sharing this or any of the content; leave all that to me as always. I’m making good progress on developing my sound and technique; it just sucks there’s nobody around to truly appreciate it. Hey…I’m still pretty blessed to have the few people cheering me on, still doing so. They had no trouble finding the hidden, “interesting” attribute I’ve yet to unlock for the rest of the world to notice.

Peace out true believers, I’ll see you when I’ve become interesting enough for you.
-The Faballistic One

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Follow My Lead (Album)

There it is. To your eyes, it’s a link to my music. To me, it’s a portal leading directly into my emotions and thought process. It only takes a second to click and transfer to the site but it took me months to create that site, to record those tracks and to establish that link. Okay you get it, it took hard work and commitment to bring my vision to life. Though I wasn’t alone in this, I want you to see how much of me I am giving to you.

Special thanks to Tory Law for producing a majority of this album and working effortlessly, day and night, on mixing every single track; to Angelie for making it out to the studio between two jobs and raising her infant son…most times bringing him along; KIK & Playboii Jay for lending their talents and aiding in the vision of the songs they feature on…all the way from Illinois…from home; to 3Soul & Ants of the Colony for teaming up with me having barely met me and/or not having recorded with me before…you guys did amazing work; To Quentin for blessing ‘Dominatrix’ with his awesome vocalist skills; & of course to you guys…my followers…for believing in me and following my journey…I think about you every waking moment.

This concludes my debut, that started with my Believe in Me mixtape, and thus begins the next chapter; starting with ‘The Lost Chapters’. A new artist is born today…stay with me.

Faballistic One

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‘Follow My Lead’ Album Art, Track List & Song Art REVEALED!!!

Follow My Lead Album Cover

Follow My Lead Album Cover

Dear Loyal Fans & Friends alike,

I have surpassed the feelings of excitement at this point in my life. What you all see here, is the final art cover for the much anticipated follow up to ‘Believe in Me’ titled ‘Follow My Lead’. Below I have gone ahead & listed the tracks on this album (along with their artworks!) as well as a brief description for each individual song. Thank you for being patient with me after all this time. The album is set to drop 12/13/2014 & pre-orders will be taking place later this month. Thank you!


01 - fabiusca 1. Next Time
‘Next Time’  isn’t so much a song, but instead a lyrical and ambitious promise, that the next time Faballistic has the chance to really shine, he’s going to seize the moment in a way that it won’t result in failure…

02 -

2. Into The Void
‘Into The Void’ is a song about this feeling of emptiness the artist feels (stemming from his self-doubt, being broke, being a homewrecker due to losing the love of his life & constantly worrying about what’s happening in the world) & so his only way to feel lifted from it, is Hip Hop music…

03 -

3. Kid Wit Soul
‘Kid Wit Soul’ is yet another spectacle of Faballistic’s wordplay as he proclaims himself  the apprentice to the masters of Hip Hop, addresses critics of his name/the previous group he was affiliated with & ultimately staying true to the game of Hip Hop; all with a lyrical flare…

04 -

4. Truth (featuring KIK & 3Soul)
‘Truth’ is being described and redefined by each artist in this track (Faballistic, KIK & 3Soul); plain & simple except delivered in way where it doesn’t so sound so ‘plain & simple’…

05 -

5. Follow My Lead
‘Follow My Lead’ is truly a compilation of words of wisdom by Faballistic as he tries to set an example for all to follow & also to develop an actual following…

06 -

6. Time Machine
‘Time Machine’ is literally the artist taking us back to his dearest memories that of which include being with his friends, falling in & out of love, and basically what he misses the most…

07 -

7. Writer’s Block (featuring Playboii Jay)
‘Writer’s Block’ is a song for those who suffer from having trouble finding the right words to honor those they’ve lost; dedicated to George Badillo Jr, Juju Garcia & to anyone who has lost someone…

08 -

8. Dominatrix (featuring Quentin & Angelie Nicole)
‘Dominatrix’ is a love song however, it’s about love for a beautiful woman who has ultimate domination over Faballistic’s mind; bringing the best out of him…

09 -
9. A Night Out (Finally) (featuing Angelie Nicole)
‘A Night Out (Finally’ is a 3 act story revolving around Faballistic’s itch to go out & enjoy the night he’s earned for himself while encouraging others to do so as well…

10 -

10.  Son of Bad
‘Son of Bad’ is yet another 3 act story following a young boy growing up under the influence of drugs, dangerous figures & ultimately we’re given the moral to be learned from his demise…

11 -
11. My Time (Nothing Else)
‘My Time (Nothing Else’ is the conclusion to the FOLLOW MY LEAD album as Faballistic once again signs off leaving us an idea of where his mind is now at & where he plans to go…to the top.

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10 Years Later…

Hello loyal fans & new fans alike,

October 20th is my late brother’s 26th birthday (or at least, he would have been 26) and to honor him, I present a song called “Writer’s Block”. Produced by Tory Law & featuring Playboii Jay, the song explores the idea of having trouble finding the right words to write with about a loved one who has passed; seemingly only able to find your inspiration and/or message through a bottle of liquor.

To my brother’s memory, along with the loved ones still alive today, I dedicate this song…but not only to them, but to anyone and everyone who knows what this feels like. I know how badly we wish we could bring them all back; even if for just one night…even to share one shot together & talk about the good times or bring them up to speed on what they’ve missed.

This will be the first track I drop from my “Follow My Lead” album which will be available for purchase December 13th, 2014. Just remember 12/13/14 okay? It’s easy I hope haha. Thank you for your time, condolences & interest; I appreciate you all.

Happy Birthday George.



God Bless,

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Nightmare (Poem)

I don’t sleep in, I enjoy every dream
I always see, who I miss the most;
In it I say what needs to be said
Visit my Midwest, home from this west coast;

Sure the night’s rest is great
Still I wake up feeling heavier;
Being everywhere, at once
is exactly why I envy-air:

My reality is challenging
Complication unraveling;
Music is my Calvary
Cause everything else is just-baffling;

Times are changing…
Minds are changing…
Lives are changing
And I guess I’m just chasing;

This wild goose around
I’m making so many excuses now;
That’s why I sleep so sound
Living feels so damn exclusive now;

That’s why my eyes are always red
That’s why hair’s always a mess;
All these running processes
in my head, in bed I feel content;

I’m paying my dues, my rents
And I’m paying the consequence;
I’m-depressed…it seems like
But that’s why I’m on-this-quest

Off-my-chest & hung up for later
I’m ready to sleep again even deeper;
I’m a heavy sleeper, dreamer
But will wake up as your strongest preacher.

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