The Risks…

To me, the risks taste sweeter than the rewards.

6-3-2013, when asked about fears and doubts.

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Got My Hands Up by Skelley’s Dream (Featuring Faballistic)

THIS! Is the full song. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
Special thanks to Skelley’s Dream for allowing to be apart of this.

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Where Do I Go From Here?

ImageWhere do I go from here? That question, can only be answered by our next course of action. Everything begins and ends with a single, seemingly harmless decision. With decision comes consequence, and with consequence comes our reaction or response; most of the time we give both quickly without so much as a deep breath before thinking them over. I’ve posted something very similar to this before, so I’m hoping it sounds familiar but if it doesn’t, then no worries…this is on a grander scale. We’ll begin with our lives’ STRUGGLES and end with their PURPOSES.

Struggle isn’t a stranger to me and it definitely isn’t my best friend but when it comes knocking, I always answer ready to overcome it.

In our most pivotal moments in life, we find ourselves with our backs against the wall, hands bound and walking the plank or maybe even backing up closer toward the edge of a cliff. Our first reaction or response to this is looking, calling or asking for help. Nobody likes being alone when these situations strike. Sometimes, they even strike in the wake of a potentially life-enhancing opportunity; when life itself becomes a bigger value than before. “Why now?! Why did this have to happen right here and right now?!” we ask ourselves. “What can I do to get out of this?! Now that this has happened, where do I go from here?”. There’s that question again we ask, right before we plot our grand escape from the struggle and our amazing entry into the life after. The truth is, we’re not always alone when these things happen but in the times we are, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to discover yourself. One big accident I had, altered my course in life forever and I must say that, even though at the time of incident I hated myself, I am blessed that it had happened. Struggle isn’t a stranger to me and it definitely isn’t my best friend but when it comes knocking, I always answer ready to overcome it.

Don’t stress, you got yourself here therefore you can get yourself out of this.

I don’t mean to be biased here, but most Sci-Fi or Action/Adventure fans would be the most familiar with what this looks like. In Star Wars, there’s this scene I’d like to pull into focus, a young boy’s mentor is struck down by the villain and disappears right before his eyes. Aboard a giant weaponized space station, while rescuing a princess, and attempting to escape with complete strangers, this boy is now without guidance from someone he heavily relied on and who basically walked him through the door to his life’s purpose. What now? What lies ahead? How do I proceed? Of course anybody who is familiar with Star Wars knows its ending and that the boy evolves into the greatest heroes in all of cinema. We can thwart our lives’ “villains” and emerge as stronger individuals even when it seems as though all hope has escaped from the equation; when help no longer seems existent. Don’t make rash decisions, make the right ones. Obviously one cannot prepare for every single tragedy or problem, but at least we are smart and strong enough to combat these issues head on. Struggle is the worst reoccurring process in life but it’s also the best time for us to find out how strong we really are. Don’t stress, you got yourself here therefore you can get yourself out of this.

Nope, you’re scared, don’t deny it.

Some of us, like myself for sure, look up to the sky or scan the entire ocean’s horizon and ask ourselves what exactly are we doing here. Our lives are in a cycle that we can completely customize but are convinced into thinking we cannot alter our course; that we are incapable of changing our plans to create an better life of purpose for ourselves. There’s no such thing as an easy life for those on a path of purpose. “Where do I go from here? I work day in and day out, paycheck to paycheck or I work too much to be so broke. Where is this leading?” we ask ourselves. Well guess what! Another Star Wars reference is coming on! In the beginning, all the boy ever wanted was to start his life in becoming a pilot but was stuck being a farmer. Of course we all know now that he becomes something more and far greater but imagine if he had settled for less than that. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying where you are but if you are in a living/working situation that still leaves your “plate” empty and leaves you hungry for life itself, then it’s time to ask that question again. Sure we all can’t just quit our jobs randomly and venture out to the infinite beyond we call the world but what I’m saying is this: Why would we ever choose to live “stuck” and not live to get ourselves “unstuck”? “I make enough money, I have my responsibilities and/or there’s nothing out there for me.” is what we tell ourselves at times because we’re scared. Nope, you’re scared, don’t deny it.

“…Do I keep myself buried?”

Why else would you tell yourself those things? You don’t want to take a larger step because you’re so used to the bottom step that, even though you know life would be easiest on the top step, you’re worried life will get harder for you as you climb those steps; missing the point that you have lowered your potential to become someone stronger. And for what? I’ll tell you something, I once had an awesome source of income. I was comfortable, I was stable but above all else, I was unhappy. Why? I was unhappy because I had so much potential in my talents and ideas that if I continued living the same schedule or routine, those talents and ideas would never develop and I would never become someone more than just an average working man. I looked out onto my downtown streets from my rooftop and then peered up to the sky. I asked myself, “What are my limits? I know what I can do but I’m not doing them because I have work and because I have obligations. So where do I go from here? Do I continue existing to hardly live or do I go out there and live to exist? Do I continue running on the hamster wheel or start shooting off into space? Do I keep myself buried?”

A life with purpose isn’t always happy one, but it’s fulfilling enough to keep struggle at bay.

Life doesn’t have a carpool lane and so most of the time you’ll have to cruise it alone. That doesn’t mean you should feel intimidated, that should encourage you to take that challenge and go out to dominate life by yourself; become independent. You may find yourself against the wall, walking the plank and yadda yadda yadda, but you should be strong enough to skip looking for help; you are the cavalry. Struggle and purpose go hand in hand because you can’t have one without the other. The purpose of struggle is to test our limits. A life with purpose isn’t always happy one, but it’s fulfilling enough to keep struggle at bay. We will either continue to struggle because we’ve decided to remain in that process and not grow from it or we will decide to plot our grand escape and plan our marvelous entrance into the better life. Everything begins with a decision…and that decision can only be made by taking a course of action. What brings that action into play? Ask yourself first if you’re really happy where you are knowing you can change it. How did you feel when you asked yourself that? I mean, how did you really feel? It’s time to stop pretending we don’t care and are content when in reality we’re sick and tired of constantly being stuck in our lives; struggling. Ask yourself this next question and begin that life of purpose: Where do I go from here?


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Faballistic Recording Verse to I Got My Hands Up

“I Got My Hands Up”
Skelley’s Dream ft. Faballistic & Various Artists
Produced by Skelley’s Dream

My Lyrics

I declare Victory
that’s un;
-controllably, holdin’ me
Got my hands up,
like there’s a gun n badge up;
May be a phantom,
to everyone I pass up;
Today’s a new chapter
I’ll raise the banners;
save the banter, and yer
frail state of understandin’;
Mommy Daddy Teacher Preacher
Look at me now;
En route, could it be NOW, that you can
look at me proud?
Discover me, underneath,
Hip Hop’s Melody;
fundamentally, instrumentally
wit strong fidelity;
This world that we live,
I’m TERRAforming;
As long as it spins,
I’m THERE performing;
What I’d give to be;
Hip Hop (scratch scratch scratch)
Lives in me;
No sense, in friends,
who defend, their defeat;
Can’t sit n wait
I’ve got someone to be;
Left. My. Life. Behind
to move forward;
toward a happiness
money can’t afford;
Even though loneliness
should control me less;
My dreams and I STAY
harmonious. Uh!

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Positive Words Movement

Written, Produced and Performed by Faballistic

This whacky, webcam video was filmed entirely for the sole purpose in entertaining children everywhere while also educating and inspiring them to see positivity under a bright light. You can also see it and other videos relating to the Positive Words Movement here:
PWM Facebook page:

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Best of the Best IV Independent Hip Hop Artists Invitation

Basically I just go into a little bit of details on the 4th annual Best of the Best Independent Hip Hop Awards. It’s a great opportunity for unsigned artists like myself to expose myself and also network. Plus, there will be 3 judges from record labels there as well so this is pretty huge. Watch and listen; comment below!

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Today’s Lesson: Practice Improvement

Today I learned some things that I was only minutely aware of. Today’s lessons are many but the one that I will share is this…practice does NOT make perfect; it makes improvement. I am better now than yesterday and as long as I keep pushing, the result of my newest improvement will be highlighted tomorrow. I will be a better me every…single…time! The idea of someone believing in another person being perfect, or even oneself believing they can reach perfection in whatever they do, is just as I called it…”The Idea”. That’s all that will ever be because the truth is that perfection isn’t attainable whereas improvement IS. I could write a song that is SO lyrical, deep or catchy, and some of you will say it’s an improvement from the last few songs I’ve done thus far…yet I will tell you I can STILL do better than that. So my songs will never be “Perfect” but will always improve as long as I push myself and keep PRACTICING my craft. I will not strive to be perfect, I will live to consistently improve as an imperfect man. Practice makes Improvement, that is my lesson for today.

Thank you Les Brown for opening my mind even wider.

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Do not let them break you young-hearted man;
You’ve brought spirit here they can’t understand.
Do not run, do not worry, keep doing the best you can;
Young-hearted man, you were chosen for this plan.

Let them speak
What they think;
But their words
Reach your feet;
Let them shout
Hear them out;
Let their voices
hit the ground;
Let them stare
Claim what’s ‘fair’;
But their thoughts
You won’t bare.
Let them speak
Let them shout;
‘Cause they are weak
You are proud.

Do not let them break you young-hearted man;
You’ve brought spirit here they can’t understand.
Do not run, do not worry, keep doing the best you can;
Young-hearted man, you were chosen for this plan.

Let them sneak
Let them peek;
But their doubt
You’ll defeat:
Let them pout
They will frown;
They will look,Like some clowns;
Let them flare
They will glare;
‘Cause their eyes,
Need repair;
Let them sneak,
Let them frown;
‘Cause they’re weak,
You are proud.

For them to break you, you should not let.
There’s good people here, you have not met.
Do not worry do not run, importantly don’t forget,
You were chosen as the key once you reach that doorstep.

Young-hearted man…
Keep doing the best you can.

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Believe in Me One Year Anniversary

What up?!

I thought since it’s been a year (since the launch of my Believe in Me mixtape) I would record a video explaining a little bit about how this debut Hip Hop mixtape . No worries though, I don’t go into too much detail! haha

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A New Hope (Kickstarter)

Goal set: $3000
Amount accumulated: $780
Amount I will get: $0

It’s NOT Over Yet…

Hey everybody! I just wanted to thank you all again for pledging. As you all know, this was the last day of my campaign and we didn’t raise enough funds to reach our goal. Everything you pledged will return right back to your wallets. However, I will ask you this…would you pledge again?

One More Time!

During this past month, I have gotten more work done (for my sites, music, songwriting, studio arrangements, video production) than I have all year. This campaign really pushed me to do everything in my power, plus 110%, to make sure your funds would not go wasted. Right now, I am proud to say that if my goal was $750, we would reached over that goal today. So, it is my pleasure to announce that…I am running this campaign one more time with THAT actual goal amount ($750).

What Happens Now?

I will post on my sites ( / @Faballistic / / exactly when my campaign will start over. The rewards will be updated so that they are both cost effective and rewarding to you guys; offering better incentive to pledge! This time, instead of trying to do everything at once, I will narrow down to just ONE goal I want to see acheived: Recoridng, Mixing and Mastering my mixtape. This first campaign was to do that AND distribute discs and shoot videos which obviously didn’t work and had set a goal too high. SO if/when we hit our NEW mark, I will use any funds over our $750 to fund online promotions of me as an artist. If we somehow reached into the thousands mark, then I will use THOSE funds to produce videos for my music. Well it was a fantastic month you guys! Thank you for all your support and I look forward to seeing you guys return on this journey with me! Stay Tuned.

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I’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year. Hell, I’ve come a long way since the beginning of last year; when I had actually started to take my lyricism seriously. I remember having ZERO content posted on this blog and thought to myself:

“Man…I got to get out there and do some work so I can show the world what I can do!”

Now I have sites (all made and managed by ME) all over the internet and they are all connected to this blogsite. It’s perfect, if anyone wanted to find me they could literally google ‘Faballistic’ and my youtube videos will pop up along with a whole page of different sites. My presence has grown stronger. I’ve met some cool artists along the way too! My networking strength is growing stronger and I have the proof.

Song art for "Follow My Lead" by Faballistic from the Follow My Lead album (Artwork by i_paint_to_tell at

Song art for “Follow My Lead” by Faballistic from the Follow My Lead album (Artwork by i_paint_to_tell at

I’ve been running a Kickstarter campaign for nearly three weeks now and I’ve only reached a little over 21% of the funds I need by the end of week four. Believe me when I say, I’m storming across all fronts online to get my name out there as well as this project. Today I’m even going to be filmed for the third time so that I can bring people closer to me on a personal level through visuals of my personality. This progression is gradual but surely growing my exposure to others off and online. I’m even selling 16 bar verses for $5 on to progress my songwriting skills and expose my talents.

I’m a lot farther from the beginning of last year. I may not have released my next music album as soon as I wanted but all in due time; I mean I’m still putting work into my sites with way more content now than I had before. I lack management but for now I’ll manage. I lack sponsorship but for now my bank account is my biggest contributor. I lack a large following but those who are following now are HUGE to me. I look for opportunity in everything and sometimes it kind of splits my path into several networks but as long as I don’t mistake the road to glory for a pipe dream, I think I’ll be okay following my heart.

I guess what I’m trying to say today, since I haven’t really written to you guys in a while, is that I’ve come a long way from having nothing; building my presence from the ground up. I’m in the studio tonight for film and a promo single but who knows how much closer to my goals I will be tomorrow. I have a video update for my kickstarter this Friday and I hope the video will help people in seeing things from my perspective; though it won’t show everything running through my day. Either way, I’m not giving up for any reason. So far my Kickstarter is looking like it may not reach its goal (which means we won’t be getting ANY of the funds pledged so far) but at least now I know what to do for the next time I run a campaign; I’m still pushing it! There’s still time and I’m still aggressively ambitious. I wonder what next year will look like? I’m looking forward to the successes of tomorrow from today’s work. Stay tuned and thank you for hanging with me.

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